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"Too Much Too Dangerous: An Online Petition To Fight Against Internet Addiction"

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Because of technology, there is a wide range of change not only in our country but also to the world. As we can see, people nowadays became so hook up in using technological advancements like cellular phones, laptops, so on and so forth. They manage to be in trend on what to post each day and who will like, react, or comment on their status which influences everyone especially teenagers to become addict on using internet. Those prolonged activities bring a lot of destructive effects to people's everyday lives. That's why people are getting addicted to the internet since they do not control the amount of time they spend on it.

Our group, the NetBuzzer, aims to create several online sources that will help to promote the awareness of people about this kind of illness and to create an online petition with the goal of preventing internet addiction within people especially to the youth.

Our group aims to create petition and a Facebook group. We will be creating infographics and other related information connected to the dangers of internet addiction and how to log in again to the real world. The scope of our project is to be able to reach the school, parents and students to sign our petition.

We will be requiring a week to develop this project and we will start our promotion right after we have uploaded the website. We will also be using our own resources so the funding of this project will be close to none. Our expenses will be on our own, it also includes the printing of campaign materials and the internet and computer shop rentals. If you have any questions regarding our project, feel free to contact us at @thenetbuzzer.

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