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We need the City of Regina Council to re-evaluate and make a properly informed decision on the proposed adult entertainment facility. This vote NEEDS to be based off of ACTUAL LEGAL grounds and not just select personal morals.

As we all know, the City Council has rejected the proposal for Regina's first licensed adult entertainment facility.

The business owner, as well as current property owner - followed both city & provincial laws and regulations in order to have this proposal voted upon. Regina City Planning Commission voted in favor of this establishment.

This City Council's decision to reject the proposal, was not based on the city and provincial laws that they/government has created - but based on their own personal thoughts and morals instead.
Ours laws cannot be based on religion and they also cannot be based on select individuals PERSONAL morals.

We believe that the City Council needs to re-vote on this proposal, but as mentioned - they NEED to vote based on the legal rules/grounds THEY have created. One cannot make legal decisions based on personal opinions.

“From our perspective, it’s an authorized business, there’s been a process followed, like an application made; we’ll work with whatever the city decides,” said police spokeswoman Elizabeth Popowich

As stated above, this IS an AUTHORIZED, LEGAL business.

Whether you are for it, or against it - it is only fair that you respect this business decision - because again, as mentioned - both owners have followed EVERY SINGLE law and regulation. The owners don't make the laws, the city does - and its time for them to follow THEIR OWN laws.


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