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Refurbishing Wetlands To Protect The Lands

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Refurbishing Louisiana's wetlands is a vital economical importance to the ecosystem.
Wetlands are "nurseries of life" for many young fish,crustaceans,and shrimp as it also provides homes for many
different plants,animals,mammals and waterfowl.
With climate change seawater levels higher than normal their is a danger of productive ecosystem and a leading cause of species extinction.
With Louisiana's barrier islands eroding, sheltered wetlands along the delta plains are more vulnerable to full force
wave action, saltwater entering freshwater, storm surge, tidal changes and movement of sedimentation in which accelerates wetlands deterioration. A way to prevent the farming beds and bring a viable power source to areas of the wetlands that don't have access to traditional power would be wind turbines. Wind turbines in this area planted atop oyster beds would make it impossible to farm and would create an eco-friendly power source for wetlands and bayous.
As respectable civilians we need to promote a faster pace of refurbishing Louisiana's wetlands to protect historical geography and a very much needed eco-system
We need to make known that we need more civilian help and resources to help cultivate a prosperous wetland.
Our government needs a wake-up that we need to protect our climate and many people are willing to challenge the red tape.

We need to connect with our local officials and state government to voice our opinion and everyone who wants to help should be able to .

Together we can make a change.

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