Refund Our Taxes Paid To Compensate Enslavers!

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To - HM Revenue & Customs

We are compelled by the dictates of our conscience to sign this petition initiated by the Global Afrikan Peoples Parliament, the representative body of the emergent MAATUBUNTUJAMAA Afrikan Heritage Community for National Self-Determination (AHC-NSD). We act as conscientious objectors to tax fraud. Accordingly, we demand a full refund of monies that taxpayers in Britain have unknowingly been forced by state coercion to pay in clearing the ‘debt’ the United Kingdom incurred by awarding unjust compensation to families that profited from the Maangamizi crimes of chattel enslavement.

We share the disgust of all those who are now finding out, that for many generations, monies were extorted from all those paying taxes in Britain, right up until 2015, for the compensation that was the unjust reward legislated by the 1833 Slavery Abolition Act. By such an Act the unrepresentative parliament and state at the time rewarded those families they set up, defended and patronised, in carrying out what they saw as the lucrative ‘business’ of the Transatlantic Traffic in Enslaved Afrikans.

The notion that we as tax payers in Britain, including those whose ancestors were subjected to the horrors of enslavement, have by your own admission, financially contributed to such payments, is totally unjust and abhorrent to us. There are peoples of conscience throughout the world who share this viewpoint of ours, more so as the British Empire extracted resources globally to fund such payments.

 We at no time consented to the misuse of our tax monies to reward such abominable crimes. We therefore demand refund in full so that such funds can be put to better use in repairing the harms done and paid for not in our names. Out of such refunds an Afrikan Heritage Community Educational Trust can be established and managed with strict community accountability as a contribution to repairing such harms and their continuing legacies.