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Remove the anti-feminist mods of /r/feminism.

The active moderators of /r/feminism, who are members of and/or supportive of the anti-feminist Men's Rights Movement (an SLPC-designated hate group), have consistently allowed anti-feminist content to pervade the community. They have added anti-feminist subreddits to the sidebar and have been actively deleting any posts or comments questioning their decision.

While there are other feminist subreddits (feminisms, SRSWomen, SRSFeminism, and so on), /r/feminism is the most visible and populated feminist subreddit. It is the first place a feminist new to reddit would go for feminist content. As such, it reflects negatively on feminism and on reddit for that space to be majority-MRA and to openly support MRA content and propaganda while silencing feminists who don't support MRA groups.

We, the undersigned, would like for reddit's administration to step in, remove the anti-feminist moderators, and replace them with feminists for the good of the community and the cause.

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