Ban the Reddit community /r/drama

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The Reddit community of /r/drama is a festering hive of hateful trolls and bigots whose only purpose in life is to harass, sealion, gatekeep, silence and derail conversations about sensitive issues regarding the contemporary world. The users of the forum are constantly engaging in icky, yucky, gross and problematic behaviours that ruin the internet experience of thousands of redditors.

The community takes pride in "offending everyone" claiming "south park neutrality" and calling themselves "radical centrists". They have embraced their crypto hate reputation and have been constantly cyber bullying users of other Reddit communities. 

The /r/drama community have openly taken controversial positions, such as not denouncing the notorious misogynistic online movement known as "goobergate", being in contact with the online hacker known as "4chinz", dismissing the woke documentary film Black Panther as "capeshit" and most surprising of all, being supportive of white genocide which they call the "mayocide". They constantly cyber rape visitors to their community by demanding "bussyposts".

They have recently made news by brazenly defying Reddit sitewide rules:

This community is a danger to themselves and to other redditors and should hence be banned from Reddit.

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