Provide Doctors & Ambulatory Emergency Care  for King George A&E to help keep it open

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We the undersigned who either live or work in Redbridge note the following:
1 – That a number of A&Es have been closed due to staff shortages, including Chorley and Western-Super-Mare.

2 – That the Shropshire Star published a story on 13th September 2018 showing that either  Shrewsbury or Telford A&E was likely to close due to staffing shortages. The article says: “Hospital bosses say both departments will only be able to stay open 24-hours-a-day if the situation improves and have sought help from neighbouring trusts.” And the BBC reported on 27th September that Telford A&E “will shut from 20:00 to 08:00 BST in October or November for six months".
3 – That the Ilford Recorder ran a story on its website of 4th September 2018 showing an increasing number of A&E doctor shifts unstaffed at King George and Queens, which has risen from 714 shifts for 2014/15 to 3540 shifts for 2017/18.
4 – Closing King George A&E overnight would mean losing access to the 8 critical care beds at the site. Queens critical care beds were completely full some days in the winter of 2017/18.

 5 – That the NHS have the power to redeploy staff to reduce the prospects of flu spreading per an article in the Guardian of 7th September.

6 – That Redbridge Clinical Commissioning September 2018 board papers show a plan to provide Ambulatory Emergency Care to all Hospitals with A&E departments in the East London Care Partnership with the exception of King George where “patients are directed to Queens” . The petitioners say this may lead to medical staff not wanting to work at King George A&E.  
We ask that Redbridge Council take the following actions:
A– lobby nearby councils, MPs and the London Mayor to seek agreement that NHS England should redeploy staff from hospitals elsewhere in England and also lobby for Ambulatory Emergency Care to be located at King George Hospital to prevent King George A&E closing due to staff shortages. 
B – Once other councils etc are on board with the plan to redeploy staff, Redbridge and those in agreement write to Mr Hancock Secretary of State for Health to seek changes in Doctor and Nursing contracts to allow redeployment.

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