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Bring Horses Back to McLaren Park

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The kids of today here in the southeast side of town have little outdoor experiences they can fall back on that are both fun and educational.  The opportunity to, not only visit these majestic creatures right here in our own neighborhood park, but to go out for a ride on horseback is magical to say the least.  These memories could last a child a lifetime hopefully forging positive relationships with all animals and a healthy park stewardship going forward.  McLaren Park is and will always be a jewel in the San Francisco Park system but it had fallen in disrepair over time for lack of use and attention.  Many families who once lived near the park moved away feeling unsafe over the years.  The return of the horses, which were part of the fabric of McLaren Park for nearly 50 years, proved that families will come back to McLaren Park if they feel safe and if there is a good reason to.  The horses and their wranglers presence in the park 24 hours a day helped park users and neighbors feel safe once again.  Of course, as with every change their comes some conflict but nothing that can't be worked through.  Trails routes can be altered and repaired but little can be done to alter a child's perspective and memories when the opportunity doesn't present itself. Lets give the future generations an opportunity so many of us missed out on.  Lets make the horses part of the landscape of McLaren Park again so the southeast communities of San Francisco are allowed the same experiences and opportunities as our counterparts to the north, right here in McLaren Park!

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