Demolition of the terraced, pastel-hued buildings in Slave Island

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According to an article published by The Sunday Times, The Urban Development Authority (UDA) has approved the demolition of the iconic Soysa building in Kompannaveediya, defying impassioned appeals for it to be preserved as a historical monument.

The residents of Slave Island had recently informed to the local media group '' that the stretch of Victorian era buildings situated in Justice Akbar Mw. will be demolished when the proposed mixed development project named Colombo Square by the TATA Housing group begin the construction. If this is true, its quite upsetting.

It’s almost impossible to miss these terraced, pastel-hued buildings in Slave Island which are best viewed at dusk, especially in the glow of the evening sun. Sometime back, the iconic Castle Hotel was demolished by the same TATA Housing group to make way for a housing scheme that is currently under construction. The locals of Slave Island and those who like to preserve the colonial past of this country are not happy and are extremely disappointed. We do not want the same fate to fall upon these iconic structure and would like to inform the relevant authorities/individual to kindly reconsider this. If the TATA housing group can restore and integrate the buildings to the Colombo Square project, instead of simply demolishing, it will help add another glorious colonial structure to the city. 

We had done a good job in the past restoring the age old structures such as the Nippon Hotel, Arcade, Racecourse and the Dutch Hospital which have become some of the major tourist attractions for both locals and foreigners equally.  

The  Victorian era landmark is an icon to both locals and the residents of Colombo and we are really shocked to hear about the plans to demolish this building. We need to protect and enhance our heritage buildings for future generations.