Overturn Kent's proposed SU fancy dress ban

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We are opposed to the ridiculous nature of the bans on dressing like a 'Tory', like a 'Chav', as a cowboy, as a Native American etc., as proposed by Kent Union.
Also, we do not condone the overtly one-sided religious nature of some of the dress code restrictions. At this University we must protect the separation of religion and institution, whereas, at the same time, we must defend the freedom of religion of each and every one of our fellow students.

Whilst Kent Union's intentions may have been well-meaning, banning outfits are steps in the wrong direction. The authors of this petition consider dressing how you want a fundamental of the freedom of expression, which falls under the freedom of speech, and would not normally endorse things banned. However, it must be stated clearly and unambiguously that this petition does not oppose the bans on dressing as a Nazi officer or blacking up, both of which we agree are highly distasteful and effectively hateful. Yet the conflation of rights to a 'safe space' and dressing like a Mexican or a cowboy is where the policy becomes delusional and absurd.

Will someone unaware of the ban who chooses to dress up as a cowboy be punished and accused of racism or bigotry - a potentially very damaging and smearing accusation?

We, the students, are not made of snow.

Liberty Union