Create Regional Centres for Wildlife Rescue, Recovery and Public Education

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Currently tens of thousands of wildlife who have been injured by cars, fences, domestic animals and habit loss yearly are taken to wildlife shelters, These shelters have had recent Government funding cuts that have left wildlife carers with out basic resources that are critical to rehabilitate injured wildlife to return to there natural environment. 

These shelter are generally run out of peoples living rooms and backyard with highly dependant wildlife needing feeds in some cases feeding cycles every hour of the day and night.

Carers are permanently active as more animals come into care, they generally stay at full capacity most of the time.

Currently we are seeing major declines in the amount of people willing to take over caring roles in wildlife rescue, as a results the prediction is in the next few years we will see a 90% fall in the rate of animals who will be cared for, leaving these animals who have great potential to be rehabilitated instead euthanised. 

This initiative will create awareness and support in our communities and enrol young generations in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, with alignment in Indigenous cultural education. 

We need to send a message to the Government funding bodies to show support for our native wildlife and prevent for species becoming extinct.

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