Keep Anti Nowhere League At Rebellion Festival

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The Band that I play for has been wrongly labelled Homophobic. This all stems from a song written a long time ago entitled 'The Day The World Turned Gay'. I am not homophobic, my little brother is gay, I love him and his partner dearly. I actually nearly got in a fist fight with cousins boyfriend because he was being anti-gay in front of me. No one in the band is homophobic, anyone that knows any of the members personally will testify to this. Yes the lyrical content of the aforementioned is pretty mean, but  the league take the piss out of everyone equally. We have a song called 'I Hate People' and last time I checked there was people at are last show. So I implore all League fans to sign this so we can continue to play large festivals like Rebellion, 

long live punk, long live the League.