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Make soap in restrooms accessible to people of all statures

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I have a simple problem that with support will hopefully have a simple fix. I am a little person, standing at four feet tall. I have learned to thrive in a world that was not built for me. However, there is one problem that looms over me when I am in public spaces (which is often). I can almost never reach the soap dispensers in public restrooms, both handicap and non-handicap accessible. The ADA requires that a soap dispenser be no more than four feet from the floor but does not specify on what wall the soap dispenser be mounted. Commonly, the dispenser is mounted on the wall parallel to the individual washing their hands. This means that when I go to wash my hands there is a countertop acting as a barrier between me and the soap which is so high up and far away that there is no way I can reach it. My hope is to reach out to State Reps and Senators to give this issue a voice. This is not only my little problem though, my mother, father, and brother are all little people and there are thousands of little people all over the United States that would benefit from this simple change. 

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