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ReAudit Trump Petition FBI Call to Action, Questions James Comey Should Answer at a Press Conference

Alessandro Machi
Los Angeles, CA, United States

Dec 8, 2016 — FBI director James Comey reversed the rising popularity of Hillary Clinton and her increasing lead over Donald Trump just 10 days before the election with his second press conference about emails to nowhere.

Mr. Comey's ongoing micro management of Hillary Clinton's emails meant the FBI most likely did little in regards to preventing any election day voting fraud that could have been pre-planned by groups such as the NRA PAC, which had raised 31 million dollars to tarnish Hillary Clinton's image via television commercials in key states.

HIllary Clinton and the NRA clashed several times during the campaign, so the idea that a very small rogue group of NRA members would volunteer on election day at voting locations in out of the way precincts is not that far fetched.

This call to Action is for Mr. Comey, head of the FBI, to explain in a public press conference why Hillary Clinton was investigated twice prior to the election for emails while Donald Trump apparently was not under any investigation of any kind.

It would only have taken 0.1% of NRA members (5,000 members out of 5 million) to engage in actions on election day such as volunteering at voter polling stations with the secret intent to do something that would benefit Trump and hurt Hillary Clinton, to sway the election to Donald Trump.

Even more shocking, there was a heightened relationship between the NRA and Russia well before the November 8, 2016 election. (

Was the FBI at all considering the possibility of any type of inside job ballot tampering at out of the way precincts by very small rogue groups of NRA members? Or was the FBI too busy hunting wabbit emails? (an Elmer Fudd Reference).

Did Mr. Comey knowingly put his men on email duty 10 days prior to the election when FBI personnel could have been "boots on the ground" ensuring a fair election?

What we are now finding out AFTER the election is that whatever happened on election day basically stands. Ballots can only be rechecked, so if a person had infiltrated a voting location with the intent of filling out dozens of ballots and submitting them, once submitted, they forever become valid ballots as a recount will simply revalidate the ballots.

In Michigan, if a recount were to uncover a different amount of votes than signatures, the vote totals default back to what happened on election day! In other words, commit fraud on election day in Michigan and the fraud can never be undone!

Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania ALL reduced Trump's vote totals just ahead of their recounts so that when the recount was actually done they would be in a better position to claim minimal vote total changes so the media could ridicule the entire recount attempt!

Some districts in Wisconsin had more votes than people in the district, and those numbers were adjusted downwards only after it was known that a recount would happen.

There also appears to be a suspiciously high percentage turnout for Mr. Trump among Latino voters. While it is possible that Latinos already in the US legally may be against additional immigration from Mexico, the numbers in Texas and Florida of Latino's who voted for Trump still seem to be too high by about 5% to 10%

Was FBI director James Comey knowingly or unknowingly part of a plot to keep the focus on Hillary Clinton's emails at all times which in turn energized the fake facebook media sites that were cranking out one crazy Clinton story after another to keep attacking her character right up until election day?

I can PERSONALLY attest that within an hour or two of posting on Facebook about my concern that Russia could have conspired with a small rogue group of NRA members on election day to tamper with ballots, my site received over 1,000 hits from Russia within the next 24 hours! (see Image below for verification).

Normally DailyPUMA gets 0 to 3 hits a day from Russia.

Sadly, Facebook does not breakdown where members come from, so Facebook sites such as Election Integrity may actually have significant membership from other countries. I was banned from Election Integrity for simply pointing out Hillary Clinton's vote totals from the 2008 primary and the 2016 primary. Even the Facebook Integrity sites may lack Integrity!

Mr. Comey must explain why he felt his "10 days before election ambush" about Hillary Clinton's emails was more important than making sure we truly had an election without suspicious outcomes in which exit polls ended up showing Hillary Clinton getting 2% to 3% more votes than Mr. Trump in key battle ground states that she ended up losing by less than 1% to 2%.

Mr. Comey must explain how Donald Trump was not being investigated in any way while Hillary Clinton was twice publicly dishonored because of email investigations that apparently led nowhere.

Mr. Comey must answer whether or not his second press email conference just 10 days before the election changed the momentum of the election, and why he did not deploy any of his personnel to ensure honest and accurate election day voting when the FBI already knew about the contentious relationship between the NRA and Hillary Clinton.

Please google FBI James Comey address, to send your correspondence to Mr. Comey and the FBI. Filing online may be faster than sending by mail, but consider doing both. And usually a fax number is provided as well. I am reluctant to put down the info in the event there actually is a better address that I was not aware of. You can post this article as your complaint if you like.

If enough of us write in to the FBI, perhaps it will force the FBI to make a statement or to respond to our letters.

What we can't let happen, what we should not let happen, is live in the make believe world where we are constantly told to move on because the event that happened is now in the past.

The moment any event has ended, it becomes the past. The past can only be reconciled by not letting it slip away unchallenged when things don't seem to add up.

-Alessandro Machi

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