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Reading Borough Council, Rob Wilson MP Petition for a Review into Build a Third Bridge in Reading Connecting A329M to Caversham

Due to the recent flooding in the area in and around Reading it has highlighted the desperate need for a third bridge to connect the A329M to Caversham. When the area experiences bad flooding Sonning, one of the main commuter cut throughs, is closed, which causes massive transport problems for those who commute every day from Reading and journey times increase. Furthermore if there is an issue on the Caversham or Reading bridges it creates futher transport problems. The amount of traffic that flows through Caversham and Reading each day is enormous and when problems arrise not only does it create economic problems when delivery lorries can not get to where they need to be on time but it also causes frustration to those who live in and around Reading. If a third bridge was built it would dramatically ease conjestion and have a positive economic impact too with local business being able to receive their deliveries on time too, leading to happy customers.

It has been estimated that if a third bridge was built it would take away around 55,000 cars out of the town centre every day. A survey taken in 2007-08 by those living in Reading and the surrounding areas found that 80% of people encourage a third bridge to be built.

Surely the dispute between the councils has gone on long enough, 50 years too long, and that a review by all three councils involved and the public is needed. 

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