Boycott intellectual Foreign Products when we already have our own

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We has a citizens of India have a irresistible responsibility to develop our country more and more, when we are boycotting physical foreign products, the intellectual foreign products are completely forgotten, why should we use foreign social media like Facebook & Twitter, when we have our own social media like SyncYu  which is already present in 9 countries.

From 1950 China always had 2.4% higher growth than India by just utilizing their own resource, they don't even use the intellectual products from other countries. 10.4% of Google's employees are Indians and 3.3% of Facebook's employees are Indians, I believe we can build our own search engine with our enormousness strength of IT students in India. 

My Request to the government is to support the IT students to build our own social entity-

* Government can fund companies like SyncYu and help the IT students to get more job opportunists which is relevant to 4 years of studies which they spent from there life time.

 * Government can fund a technology based start-up to build our own search engine.

I hope this petition reaches our PM Narendra Modi and Minister of Electronics and Information Technology Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad. 

Please sign this petition to build a better India.