We've got our leader- Superintendent Gina Sudaria! We are #oneravenswood.

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We, the staff members of Ravenswood School District and and our community, have recently been told about the upcoming search for a new superintendent.  We would like to express how lucky we are to already have the best candidate in the position, one who has the expertise and vision to lead this district. Our current superintendent, Gina Sudaria, is an experienced, ethical, and inspiring leader.  She values what we do, she trusts us to be the experienced professionals that we are, and absolutely supports all of us in our work. She has the trust and respect of every teacher, employee, and community member and has built relationships with generations of our families face-to-face and day-after-day.  With over twenty years of experience, Gina knows this district on every level.  

During her first six months of being our superintendent she has met with every school site, visited multiple classrooms, introduced brand new STEM, Art and Multimedia programs, created literacy initiatives, facilities upgrades and transformational professional development. We have already signed an agreement (ending a 2+ years of negotiations) with both our unions that includes a much-needed raises for both teachers and classified staff.  She has improved the environment, climate, and overall energy at the district and school levels. In. Just. Six. Months.  

We deeply appreciate the work done by the board members to create a vibrant district for students but it is not about any board member or superintendent's legacy.  The work we have before us is what we owe our children. There are inequities in our community.  The schools are the front line in combating those disparities.  It was not that long ago that we showed our no-confidence letter for our former leader, but this time we have a 100% confidence in our current leader.  In Gina Sudaria, we have the leader we have hoped for and we unequivocally support her. 

We are #oneravenswood.