Rangitoto College to stop punishing students for exercising freedom of speech online

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The Rangitoto Community does not end at school, in fact students of all year groups like to collect on social media and share jokes and memes (a visual online joke) about their school with their pairs. Whether it be a joke about Mr Gales strict policies or a satirical review of Rangi's notoriously disgusting toilets. In recent weeks however the school has had a large crackdown effort to crush all online content they consider inappropriate. These include memes about new uniform policies and photoshops of the principal as people like North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The school has resulted to unreasonable measures in order to police an area completely outside of their jurisdiction. It is gross and shameful that in a country such as New Zealand, a place that prides itself on our acceptance and outstanding freedom, that you can land yourself a detention for simply liking or commenting on a meme in your feed. It is gross how Rangi believes it has the right to control what its students say and think both in school and outside. As a result of this recent crackdown the online rangi community has turned increasingly averse and hostile to the school referring to them as "fascists" and calling for a revolution (not literally of cause). because of their blatant attempt to censor anything that they don't like. Anyone should be up for scrutiny, nobody should be untouchable to critics and absolutely nobody should be punished for making a joke. This is something I would expect out of Communist China or North Korea. We are better then this and we believe the school should have no right to do this. 

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