Stand with Spalding Elementary parents and support music and quality teachers

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Dr. Mary Ann Ranells, Superintendent

Dave Roberts, Chief Human Resource Officer

West Ada School District
1303 East Central Drive
Meridian, Idaho 83642 

We, the parents of Eliza Hart Spalding STEM Academy do herby support this petition. Complaints and parental discussions have been observed and held throughout the year regarding the experiences students have had while in the classroom or the presence of Mr. Adam Duncan. In our opinion, he does not demonstrate shared values of “high quality education focusing on communication, collaboration and solving problems productively, creatively and ethically in a response to our ever-changing, diverse world”. His behavior during this school year and past years has been unacceptable, unprofessional and disturbing to say the least. 

Mr. Duncan has shown a lack of respect for the students as well as a misdirected vexation in the classroom when students are not performing as he desires them to. This type of behavior causes great humiliation and embarrassment among the students and it creates a negative learning environment. Mr. Duncan is deficient in areas of his disciplinary skills, language usage with students, caring attitude, positive teaching techniques and skills and diversity. Most importantly Mr. Duncan seems to yearn for his music department to succeed not for the enrichment of our children, but for the glorification of his own ego.

Knowing that Spalding  was founded on the FOUR principles of SOAR, it is obvious that teachers should emulate these values which are, Safety, On task, Always do your best and Respect. In the past few school years, unfortunately, Mr. Duncan has not been a role model or even a good example in those areas. Just last week many of us had our children come home to report yet another disturbing story from music class, of which has been denied by Mr. Duncan. He was equating the dance move “The Floss” with something sexually inappropriate. His words were, but not limited to, “Only strippers and pole dancers do the floss.” “Don’t do the floss in my class unless your chosen profession includes a pole, only strippers do that dance.”  This destructive language slung at our children was reported all the way down to second grade. It left our children once again feeling belittled, demoralized and very confused and for most, they received an adult education that should have come at a much, MUCH later date.

Our complaints have fallen on a principal who seems to be paralyzed by her personal and longstanding friendship with Mr. Duncan. Her unwillingness to confront problems and create resolutions have left us questioning her ability to handle this situation further. Moreover, parents have been calling in an effort to communicate their concerns, but to our knowledge none of them have been contacted by Mrs. Dobson to help resolve these concerns. Mrs. Dobson has known of continued issues arising from Mr. Duncan's actions, but has repeated failed to address these issues at the unfortunate expense of our children.  

For those reasons and MANY more that are not listed here, we request that the West Ada School District ensure that our students not be subjected to Mr. Duncan’s verbal abuse, but once again enter a healthy, safe and fun experience in the music class room.

Mr. Duncan has repeatedly demonstrated he is not suitable for our children or the atmosphere with his coworkers here at Spalding. He is not effective in his current position and the children have lost respect for him and gained a fear of him.

We would like to request the removal of Mr. Duncan from the staff of Eliza Hart Spalding Stem Academy, effective at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. We would like him replaced with a more child friendly, caring, stable and respectful person. With a new, respected teacher, we think the student body will be more engaged and will learn and love the art of music once again. Moreover, the conduct (or lack thereof) from Mrs. Dobson in response to so many complaints should also be noted and looked into. We trust any appropriate action will be taken to ensure the safety and positive learning environment our kids deserve. 

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