Releasing the TRUE Duke Nukem Forever

Releasing the TRUE Duke Nukem Forever

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Duke Nukem Forever was a giant mess when it came out, both by fans and critics. The original versions from 1998 and 2001 would have been FPS hits if they came out as they were then. I strongly believe that with today all of the retro FPS games coming out and making a rather large comeback, this game will be successful today by both Duke fans and critics.
All of the data can be used from what was built back then, and with the skills of previous industry veterans, the content that was originally meant to be finished in that version can be created and put in, and the game could use an engine source port to run on modern hardware.

Hopefully if this gets enough signatures, someone will see this and Duke will finally get the FPS sequel it's deserved since early 96. 

Here is what it SHOULD have been:
2001 (the BEST version):

Here is what we got: (Not a bad trailer, but you can easily tell how big of a departure this is from the other versions)