Confirmed victory
Petitioning Chairperson Tommy McDonald and 6 others

Make Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man available in school libraries

The freedom to read is essential to our democracy! Banning books does not ban thought. Banning books does not remove them from history. Banning books simply demonstrates ignorance and intolerance.

On Monday, Sept 16th, Board Chair Tommy McDonald and Randolph County Board of Education members Tracy Boyles, Gary Cook, Matthew Lambeth, and Gary Mason voted to ban Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man from school libraries.


According to the Courier-Tribune article, Gary Mason said, “I didn’t find any literary value.” He also objected to the language in the book. “I’m for not allowing it to be available.”

Mr Mason (et al), your attempts a suppression will not go without notice. 

I am asking to support this petition because it is the right thing to do for a free and democratic society. 

Letter to
Chairperson Tommy McDonald
Gary Mason
Tracy Boyles
and 4 others
Gary Cook
Emily T. Coltrane
Todd Cutler
Matthew Lambeth
Reverse your decision, make Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man available in school libraries again. Live by your motto of 'students first in all we do'. Freedom to read for all.