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Ammend Constitution to put the right to Healthcare and Education in the place of Firearms!

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Healthcare and Education should be recognized as a human right. Our constitution must get with the times, and protect these rights. While the cost of these essential parts of life have gone up dramatically in recent years, Government has done little to help.

A 69 billion dollar a year budget for the Dept. of Education? Those are rookie numbers. The federal government should foot the bill for all education! The ACA was a failure, and still required me to pay. I should not have to pay for healthcare! A single payer system is the only valid option. It is the current year, and meanwhile, the right to carry an Assault Rifle that fires 600 rounds per second is protected. I say lets fix this in one fell swoop. If we ammend the wording of the second ammendment to remove the "right to bear arms" and add Healthcare and Education it solves all the problems at once.

"A heatlhy an educated population being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to recieve free Healthcare and Education shall not be infringed."

At this point, we can ban all guns with out infringing with the "gun rights" because the "gun rights" will no longer exist. 

Next you might ask "This is a wonderful plan, How will we pay for it?" 

We can borrow the money, and have the Federal Reserve print as much as we need. Raise the minimum wage, and double the tax rates. Teachers and Doctors can work for less because they no longer have to cover the cost of student loans. 

 Thank you in advance for your support!

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