Make All Special Needs Services And Therapies Covered by Quebec Medicare

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Our mission is to make all services, therapies, testing and medical expenses for Special Needs children as well as undiagnosed children in need of such services, covered by the Quebec Medicare Program (RAMQ). 

Special Needs refer to individuals who require assistance for any disability that may be medical, mental, physical or psychological.

Lack of coverage not only effects a child with special / particular needs but their families as well. For some families paying out of pocket to give their child the best care and development comes with financial strain and much, much stress. What is currently covered by medicare unfortunately is accompanied with long waiting lists and a shortage of services due to the growing number of special needs diagnoses in children.

This Petition is the start of making our government aware of the growing concern regarding these expenses. Medicare coverage would allow for equal opportunities for all children to succeed and reach their highest potentials despite any difficulties they may have.