Protect customer's right from e-commerce companies

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Due to the absence of proper laws by Indian Government, Consumers are exploited and cheated a lot by current eCommerce companies. Here are the various issues faced by the consumers:

1. No proper way to contact their customer care executives. Almost all the eCommerce companies in India have automated telephonic customer care systems in which there are only few pre-selected options which a consumer can select and their is no direct way to contact the customer care executive and address out the problem. A user has to be on their mercy to wait for the problem to be resolved. The Indian government should make a law to make it mandatory for the eCommerce companies to have contact numbers where consumers can directly contact their customer service agents. Also, there should be a time limit like one month to resolve their problems. Sometimes the problem is not even resolved for more than 3 months. In such cases there should be a provision to fine the eCommerce companies.

2. They make false advertising campaigns regarding huge discounts on products during sale which are generally very few in numbers. When a large number of customers bought these products they will either cancel the order or will display the product as unavailable. There should be a law where if the eCommerce companies are cancelling the order from their end then they should provide certain amount in return for the damages. This should be like the airline system where in case of extra booking the airline provides compensation for cancelling the tickets. Also, make it mandatory for the online companies to clearly provide the information regarding the number of units available for promotional sale. One of my friend has purchased a prime membership of an eCommerce company in order to purchase an Iphone which was only available on promotional discount to prime members but when the sale went live, the product was unavailable within few seconds. This will protect the customers from cheating and being victims of exploitation to the eCommerce Companies.

3. Sometime these companies deliver faulty or damaged products to the customer. Most of these companies do not allow for refund to almost all of these products and they will say that we would provide a replacement which in many cases takes more than month. The Indian government should make a law to provide the replacement within stipulated time failing which the eCommerce companies will have to provide compensation for the trouble caused to the customer upto 80% of the price of the product ordered. Also, the trauma and waste of time that the customer face is never realized. There should be a law that the customer can cancel the order and get a refund immediately in case the product is delivered damaged or defective. 

4. The processing time to get the refund is not fixed. Most of the eCommerce companies promise the refunds within 7 days which doesn't happen in many cases. Imagine if someone has to pay the credit card interest because of the delay. The Indian government should make it mandatory to refund the amount within 2 working days failing which there should be a fine on the respective company and the customer should be compensated for the loss in such cases.



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