Revoke the IIT Degree of Arvind Kejriwal!

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Today I saw Arvind Kejriwal standing with the most corrupt leader of India politics and it is not the first time, he has done so. He came to Politics to clear the politics from the corruption and he himself became the supporter of most corrupt politician e.g. Lalu, Pawar, Mamta, Yadav etc.

He was trusted to stand for honesty, integrity and the development of this nation but he became just another politician, who has no value and in this way, he is giving a bad name to IITian. 

Every word this man speaks, every action that he takes is against India - He always stands with Terrorists, Separatists, Anti-India forces. Not only is he hurting India but also one brand that all Indians have been proud of - The IITs.

The list of his unending lies is no secret ranging from his calling himself an Income Tax Commissioner (later refuted by the IRS department) to calling Ishrat Jahan a martyr. This crook even duped Anna Hazare, the original anti-corruption crusader.

Being from one of the IIT, I am ashamed that I am from the same group of institutes, from where such a bad name came to India politics. To get our institute name clear from such a bad reputation, I petition to revoke the degree of Arvind Kejriwal.

Here are few instances/reasons, why do I feel that Arvind has done damage to the reputation of IIT:

1. I guess there will hardly be anyone who did not support India Against Corruption movement led by Shri Anna Hazare. Back then, Arvind Kejriwal was a beacon of hope, because we thought he was different. He was the messiah we wanted to look up to, to put an end to vote bank politics, and begin a new era in the chapter of Indian politics. That is probably the reason why ARVIND KEJRIWAL hurts so much. He was no different. Apparently, he was even worse

2. Zero contribution towards good central schemes like Swach Bharat. For almost a year, Kejriwal did nothing to contribute to the schemes of central government. Such politics are only decreasing his popularity.

3. Shift from anti-corruption and anti-politics to anti-Modi and pro-politics. He stands and meets with Lalu like they are the best friends (Lalu is in jail for corruption charges)

4. Playing a communal card. This one has hurt me the most. Dadriaftermath saw Kejriwal rushing to the area. The villagers blocked his way and urged him to go back, for a lot of non-sense politics was going on. But he wasted 4 hours on the road and finally registered his attendance on the Pseudo-secular attendance register in Dadri.

5. He has a habit of making a promise and then breaking the same. Here is a list of all the promises he made only to break later:

---Promise of not joining politics.
---Promise of not taking support from Congress or BJP.
---Promise of filing corruption charges against Shila Dixit.
---Promise of not supporting any corrupt person ever.
---Promise of removing VIP culture. MLAs of Delhi are enjoying same old protocols,      bungalows, VIP cars and last but not the least 400 percent increase in salary!
---Promise of bringing the same Lokpal that was passed by Anna in Jantar Mantar.
---Promise of mohalla sabhas.
---Promise of budget distribution to mohallas and Swaraj.

6. Too much drama - He just dramatizes everything a little too much. When CBI raided his office. He made several tweets in a matter of minutes. You can type 160 characters in one tweet, right? Even if a mosquito bites him, he claims it is a BJP conspiracy.

7. Changing colors - When I voted for him, I thought he was against corruption and corrupt people. Then he went to Bihar and hugged one of the most corrupt people in the history of India. Why? Just for political mileage. That was a heartbreak!

8. Lewd politics - I thought he was above the low-level politics played by the Indian politicians of Congress, BJP, BSP, and other political parties. I thought he was a common man who viewed the world as a common man. Then, came yet another disappointment. He went down to the level of communal politics. His action during the Dadri incident was shameful. His comments about the suicide of a student were again distasteful. He highlighted the caste of the student when it was not really needed.

9. Publicity over Policy - Kejriwal chooses to make statements "before" planning. He announced "Free-Wifi" for Delhi and now he is checking the feasibility of it. Should he not have checked the feasibility "before" promising..?

Please support the petition to get him out of our beloved IIT!