Address One Demand Campaign Financing Approach

Address One Demand Campaign Financing Approach

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Ralph Nader

Why this petition matters

Started by Don Harris

Ralph Nader recommended in a recent article that people should start a petition to get people such as Ralph Nader to address issues they have been ignoring. As instructed by Mr. Nader in previous articles I have been contacting Mr. Nader since 2015 through multiple avenues about the campaign financing approach found at . He has not responded.

This campaign financing approach requires no legislation so it can be implemented immediately and be effective in 2018. It can be used by all citizens to influence all parties and candidates. All it requires is citizen participation.

It can be effective in 2018 with just 15-20% national participation.

Brief description: Participants in One Demand will commit to only vote for small contribution candidates for Congress in 2018 and will also have the option of making this commitment for 2020 and future elections . If no suitable small contribution candidates are on the primary and general election ballots, participants will write in their own name to register a vote against the Big Money candidates and create and demonstrate demand for small contribution candidates in future elections. More details at the One Demand website.


By signing this petition you will be asking Ralph Nader live up to the standard he demands from other leaders and media by addressing this campaign financing approach which he has ignored while at the same time criticizing other leaders and media for ignoring issues.

38 have signed. Let’s get to 50!