Resignation of CBSE Controller of Examinations

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The economics paper DID get leaked. I saw people in my own exam centre discussing it before the examination. I did my fair share of hard-work and I am expecting 95%+ in economics, but at the same time there are kids who couldn’t get 30/80 in pre-boards and had the leaked paper beforehand, and are now predicting their scores as 90+.

CBSE’s decision to have a re-examination is the fairest thing that can happen to those who actually worked hard. I know that this whole incident is utterly messed up, I know this isn’t logical, but we must stand through this, and we must stand strong.

The Re-examination is the price we students must pay for the incompetence of people working for CBSE. These individuals are toying with the futures of as much as 26 lakh students and destroying the sanctity of the exams we studied so hard for and took. I am willing to give a re-exam as long as it is convenient and feasible to conduct keeping in mind the interests of all students concerned, but these individuals must not be given another opportunity to screw up with the youth’s education and future. These individuals must apologize for their sheer incompetence and resign. This is not a request; this is a demand. The price needs to be paid on both sides. This is the time for change.

I am NOT allowing the largest national educational board in India to become a joke. I have worked hard in school and the CBSE Board examinations quantify my years of hard-work into exams taken over 3 hour slots on broken desks and dingy classrooms. The state of the education system is a concern for another time, the need of the hour is to make those responsible for these repeating unfortunate events pay.

I urge you to join me in calling for the resignation of the CBSE Controller of Examination, the Vigilance Officers, and all others concerned.

Our education is not a joke. Do not politicize this issue. You do your jobs properly, or you don’t do them at all.



CBSE Controller of Examinations:
Tel. 91-11-22515828
Fax: 011-22057089

CBSE Chief Vigilance Officer:
Tel: 91-11- 22524152
Fax: 91-11-22025545

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