Crowdfund the final few episodes of ReBoot and end the cliffhanger!

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This is for fans of the 90's CGI television series, ReBoot. For those that know the show understand how groundbreaking it was when it came to it's unique style of animation and story lines. What we also know is that the show ended on a massive cliffhanger which had left us fans wondering for almost twenty years. When we finally thought we got what we wanted in the new series, "ReBoot Guardian Code", we were dead wrong. The show not only alienated the old fan base but made a completely different show that had little to no relation with the original series. It doesn't even take place in the same universe. This is not a means to destroy or smear the new series but rather, it's a means to give us old fans the final few episodes of season 4 in all of it's glory. I am talking same animation, score, and voice actors (if possible). It shouldn't be too difficult or expensive to make today especially with the current existing technology. This is what all us old fans wanted all along. Nothing overly complicated like a new series but rather, just a well deserved ending. Over the years, we were teased a continuation on the "ReBoot Revival" website so a lot of us were optimistic. Now that the new show is out, we know that Rainmaker has no current plans to complete the show or give us a continuation. That's why I have started this petition. It may not bee too late. "Guardian Code" has opened my eyes and now I am more dedicated than ever to get this done. But I can't do this alone. I am calling on the entire fan base who want to see Bob end his journey (or rather begin a whole new). We need to show Rainmaker that we still care and that the show truly needs an ending more than most other shows that were cut short before it's time. After all, it was the first of it's kind.