Palm oil is destroying rainforests in Indonesia

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Palm oil is destroying rainforests in Indonesia pushing species to the brink of EXTINCTION...

The “orangutan capital of the world” has been all but destroyed to fuel PepsiCo’s palm oil demand. 

PepsiCo is a leading food and beverage that manufactures and distributes its product in more than 20 countries. Food products that the company manufactures are things like chip flavoured snacks, cereal, rice, pasta and dairy based products. The company’s beverage products include carbonated soft drinks, juices, ready-to-drink tea and coffee, sports drink, and bottled water. PepsiCo is headquartered in New York. 

The damage caused by conflict palm oil is tremendous. Deforestation to make way for palm oil plantations threatens unique and priceless areas like for example the Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia, the last place on earth where Sumatran orangutans co-exist.

It’s not just orangutans that have made the rainforest their home but also other species like for example Rhino’s, tigers, elephants, sun bears etc. That also have a home their.

The impact that it has on communities who are forced of their land or pushed into forced child labour is simply unacceptable 

Humans rely on animals for their companionship imagine if this was a human being or your even your dog

Speak up now to save what’s left of the endangered orangutans and any other species 

sign the petition save what is left of these amazing, gorgeous and beloved animals have some compassion save an animals life from these vicious men who chop down everything in their sight 

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