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October 2009



Dear Friends,

I want to make a special appeal to you today. 
For over 40 years the Rainbow PUSH Coalition has been a powerful force in the social and cultural life of America's growth and development, seeking to, protectgain civil rights, even the economic and educational playing fields across the spectrum of American life, and bring peace to the world.

The historic election of President Barack Obama unleashed a new era of hope for change all across America.'s mid-day, high noon, in our politics-but change will not come easily. We, the people, must become the agents of change. We must personally and directly work for the change we believe in.

Already this year, the conservative opposition is mounting an aggressive counter-assault against comprehensive health care reform, economic recovery, and racial equality. They are packing town halls and filling the radio and TV airways to block the change we need.

We cannot let our guard down. More than ever before we must rise up, organize, and make our voices heard. We must meet the conservative outrage at the point of challenge. We must organize around OUR agenda. must raise our voices for OUR issues. must rise up again. It's no time to sit idly by while the conservative opposition seeks to roll back the clock on progress.

Will you join me and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition in this fight to keep this dream alive?

It is midnight in our economy.'re still losing jobs by the millions, and millions of families continue to face foreclosure and the loss of their homes. Tuition costs are rising, burdening this generation of youth with tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. Too many of our children die too soon and sometimes it seems we are experiencing a cycle of violence without end.

Against these odds, we cannot surrender. It's time to organize! Will you join me and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition in this fight?

We seek to restructure loans and not repossess homes. We seek to reduce student loan debt. your help, we want to end the flow of weapons and drugs into our communities.

I invite you to join us in looking toward the future and to become better acquainted with our organization.

The crisis facing our country and our world demonstrates daily the necessity for a robust and well-informed community. If you are already a member, then please make a donation today to help us through these tough economic times.

Please contribute whatever level, your investment matters and it will be put to good use.

As a nonprofit, grassroots organization, our strength comes from you, our supporter. Our coalition's presence is not only in Washington, but in communities around the world like yours. Join us as we fight for you. 

Keep Hope Alive!

Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr. 
Founder and President

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