Stop the Coal Mine Eagle Pass

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The small community of Eagle Pass, Texas and Maverick County have been fighting for clean water and air for decades.  The Dos Republicas Coal Mine has resoundingly been rejected by the City of Eagle Pass and Maverick County.  Our small community has been battling this mine since its inception in 1993.  The city, county along with our school district, local hospital district, multitudes of concerned citizens and many indigenous and environmental groups have banded together to STOP, APPEAL AND CLOSE the Dos Republicas Coal Mine. 

The open pit mining permit currently held by the mine has FINALLY expired.  The DRCP is in the process of petitioning the Railroad Commission of Texas for a renewal and expansion of its operation. We the people of Eagle Pass ask for your help.  We have stood up, we have appealed and fought permits in court.  We DO NOT want this polluting operation in our already at risk town.  Our community is the definition of an Environment Injustice.  We are a federally protected community, and our wishes should be heard and considered.  

On April 3-4 the Railroad Commission will be in Eagle Pass hearing our public comments.  Please help us deliver a strong message by signing our petition.  We NEED you to help speak with us.  

Eagle Pass is a majority minority community with a historically high poverty rate.  Our community already suffers with a COPD rate double that of the rest of Texas.  We are situated 40 miles from the top polluting coal burning plant in North America, Carbon 1 and Carbon 2 in Nava, Mexico.  The coal currently being mined in Eagle Pass is such a low grade it CANNOT be burned and used in the United States.  Instead this low grade product is being exported to the worst coal plant in North America - void of filters and environmental regulations.  Rest assured the coal for Eagle Pass will not just affect the citizens of Eagle Pass, but the pollution and poison will be spread to many regions in the US and Mexico.  In addition to the air pollution, we are at risk of contamination of our water.  The DRCP has already been fined and found in violation of water protection law by the TCEQ.  Their lax implementation of simple precautions has already polluted and destroyed the water of some of our citizens.  With the expansion of the mine we expect the effects to be much much worse. We are fighting for the health of our community and for yours as well.  Please feel free to visit the website of the Maverick County Environmental & Public Health Association website at:

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