Save The Hideout! Landmark Chicago's Cultural Treasure!

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Save the Hideout! We are in danger of losing one of Chicago's most famous musical venues. We urge the above recipients to work together to landmark this cultural treasure so we do not lose it for future generations.

In May 2018, Sterling Bay development corporation announced a bold plan for redeveloping a derelict industrial site in Chicago in a wedge of land between the Wicker Park, Lincoln Park and Bucktown neighborhoods. This area is known as Lincoln Yards, and it will be located directly across the street from the famous Hideout music venue.

A recent article from New City discussed the history of the Hideout. In 1881, the house that will become the Hideout is built at 1354 West Wabansia Avenue. Tim Samuelson, a cultural historian for the City of Chicago, says that "In the early days of Chicago, the 1850s and1860s, this was an area that was sparsely settled, and what did settle there, because of the River location, was heavy industry. There are were people attracted to the area because they worked at the factories, and they didn’t make a lot of money, so these were very modest houses, and Wabansia Avenue, where the Hideout is, was lined with inexpensive wood houses. Anastasia Meaney settled in that area in the 1870s. She was an Irish immigrant, and she was successful enough that she was able to build her own boarding house, which is the building that is now the Hideout. If you look at the map in the 1950s, all the cottages are gone except for two, and one of those is the Hideout. I think the real transformative part of the building comes in 1947, when the building is acquired by Angelo and Mary Favia. And they are the ones who seem to be the first ones to operate it as a tavern."

This building has continued to be a place where Chicagoans meet to discuss topics of the day, launch new artistic ventures and support local Chicago music. There is no doubt this building deserves to be landmarked. Together we can help make that happen.

Please share this petition far and wide, and together we can help SAVE THE HIDEOUT!!