RAF Mildenhall "Back-Gate" Hours

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The hours of the West Row gate (ie, "Back Gate", "Gate 11", "Southside Gate")  at RAF Mildenhall, UK have reverted from previous hours of Monday-Friday from 0600-0000 to a new schedule of Monday-Friday from 0600-1800. The only official email sent on the subject gave no explanation for the hours change with a timeframe of "until further notice." It was revealed during a 100 ARW staff meeting that the new hours are likely permanent and the reason behind the change is not enough traffic through the gate between the hours of 1800-0000 to justify two defenders working the gate.

For well over 10 years now, those working nights on the south side of RAF Mildenhall have been begging for better southside gate hours. M-F, 0600-0000 was fine for some, especially those working day shifts, but often leave those departing work in the early morning hours or coming to work during the early morning hours with an average extra commute time of 20 minutes each way. With the new change, not only are the folks who work swing-shifts and mid-shifts burdened with additional commute time, but even the folks working days who want to get a workout in at the gym after leaving work!

By signing this petition, you vouch that you would prefer to utilize this gate outside of the hours of 0600-1800, if only it were open. In addition, by signing, you agree in the need for the 100 ARW and 100 SFS to take a closer look at the usage of the gate during the night in order to determine hours that not only maintain base security, but also make an effort to account for the hundreds (if not thousands) of RAF Mildenhall personnel who DON'T just work a day schedule and adjust the gate hours appropriately.