RTÉ- Show the FULL Irish Sign Language National Anthem at All Ireland! #StopHidingISL!

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We, the Deaf community, call on all the people of Ireland, and elsewhere - deaf and hearing - to support our petition, asking RTE to act seriously to put plans in place to broadcast, in full, the Irish Sign Language version of the Irish National Anthem 'Live' on TV for the upcoming All-Ireland Football final.

In a historic moment last Sunday, at the All Ireland hurling match, the GAA made available two professional and superbly talented ISL interpreters to perform the ISL version of 'Amhrán na bhFiann'. Visitors to Croke Park were able to follow the anthem on the stadium screens clearly. But for viewers at home, RTE failed to show more than about 2 seconds of the Anthem on TV coverage.

We felt excluded being unable to see the ISL interpreters signing our national anthem - and unable to experience this moment watching it live with everyone from the four corners of the country. What should have been a historic moment for the Deaf community and all the people of Ireland, to share the first ever ISL national anthem performed in Croke Park, was taken away from us.

Irish Sign Language is the first and preferred language for most of the Deaf community. For those who are not aware, the 2017 Irish Sign Language Act passed into law on 14th December 2017. RTÉ is aware of this - and yet nothing has changed, even on foot of previous and similar complaints. We should not have to continuously remind RTE to do the right thing. The vast majority of the Deaf community have been let down once again by RTE. Our first and preferred language - recognised officially in law since 2017 - is again treated as a second class language, and the deaf community as second class citizens.

It is mind-boggling to think that RTÉ have received numerous complaints of a similar nature to this, time and time again, and yet still fail to deliver what is a fundamental human right for the deaf community. We are so tired of it. All we are asking for is equal service from RTE. It is not difficult, while the anthem plays for 2 minutes, to arrange to display the ISL interpreter's rendition in a box or a bubble on-screen, with the camera held steadily. If national broadcasters in Asia, Africa and Latin America (as well as Ireland's Oireachtas TV) can manage it - why can't we?

Ask yourself this - is this fair that the members of the Deaf community pay their full TV licence, and yet do not get equal access to content, and their inclusion denied?

It's high time that we make our disappointment and outrage known and heard nationally. We will not be silenced, our first language will not be hidden nor our rights denied ever again. So we now ask the people of Ireland to come together to show your support by signing the petition.

Thank you all in advance for your support!!