Free Cooper from In-School Suspension

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Cooper Alexander, Year 11 student at Canberra's renowned Radford College, has recently received an in-school suspension for a video uploaded to his private Instagram page. The harmless video was in no way malicious, contained no profanity, and had zero intention of targeting any student, teacher or part of the college. The video contained a recently trending meme known as Howard the alien ( within Radford, in what at the start appeared to be a promotional video. A two week in-school suspension will severely decrease Cooper's ability to learn and keep up with assessment in what is arguably the most critical time of the semester. Signing this petition will help change the course of the next two weeks for Cooper which could seriously effect the outcome of his performance through the semester. Radford school fees in college are just shy of $20K AUD per year, and fees this large are not paid so that a young male can be suspended for a non malicious media. Flex periods, recess and lunch are an important social time that is necessary to maintain mental wellbeing amongst students. It is for these reasons that we ask you to sign this petition so that Radford reconsiders the punishment. 

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