Racing rego system is stuck in the gates! Online owner & horse registration system needed.

Racing rego system is stuck in the gates! Online owner & horse registration system needed.

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Started by Adam Palmer

The whole thoroughbred registration process in Australia is a mess and has been for a very long time.

Racing authorities have ignored modern technology and instead have elected to stick with the paper form process which is well past its' use by date. The current process is awful on some many levels;

  • terribly time consuming for owners and trainers to complete
  • repetitious (owners need to complete all the same info each time they sign up for a horse). 
  • horse transfer process is just as cumbersome
  • leasing a horse to a group is a difficult process
  • changing owners is a nightmare
  • dealing with the administrators to follow up registrations is time consuming
  • Administrators having to chase up owners due to forms not being completed correctly
  • the time it takes trainers and syndicators adds another layer of expense that quite often is not recouped
  • the first step for new owners to get involved in racing industry would leave many with a bad taste. The experience would hardly inspire them to buy another horse and do it all again! 

A new system that is online would have many benefits including;

  • Less time spent by trainers, owners and syndicators filling out forms
  • A more streamlined user friendly registration system which would be less prone to human error
  • A better way for horses to be tracked throughout there racing lives. So important given current spot light on horse welfare etc..
  • An owner only needs to register themselves once. They are allocated an owner number and can attach that number to each horse they own
  • The industry would save hundreds of thousands in not having to employ administrators to process paper forms. We could punch the savings into horse welfare
  • The new system could also be a good way to weed out the non payers. Could the industry build in a bay payers register which alerts the trainer / syndicator when that owner registers for another horse?

Racing participants need a solution built and they need it now. We have waited far too long already.



1,165 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!