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Ban Jumps Racing in South Australia and Victoria

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Jumps Racing a sport that kills hundreds. Jumps racing is a form of horse racing generally run over a longer distances than flat races and with a heavier jockey. When racing in a jumps race, horses are approached to jumps at high speeds that are around the hight of 1 meter, whilst surrounded by a dozen other horses forced to do the same thing. The combination of jumping and racing cannot be made safe and never will be. Jumps racing is statically 20 times more dangerous than flat racing. Horse Racing Victoria said they would shut down jumps racing in 2010, but 56 horse deaths later it still continues. Every year, horses fall and receive serious injuries. Since 2000 to 2017 146 horses have died on the tracks South Australia and Victoria (2017-15/4/2017 Horse cause of death-Killed after falling and shattering a leg while racing), but the horses that fail to win races are then sent to the slaughter house. Victoria and South Australia are the only states that still allow jump racing and both of the South Australian and Victorian government are fully aware of the risks that come with jumps racing, but call it “entertainment”. As long as jumps racing is allowed to exist, the number of horse deaths will continue to climb.

How long can we continue the cruelty and suffering of horses in the name of culture and tradition? Since 2000, 146 horse have died on the track. 25 of the horses were killed on track after breaking there legs, 2 horses because of a horse that fell in front of them seriously injuring themselves, 11 horses broke their necks, 1 horse with internal injuries, 16 horse fell on the track and received seriously injuries, 4 horses broke down, 3 horses with ruptured tendons, 1 horse fractured its spine, 2 horses with a fractured pelvis, 4 horses with broken shoulder, 2 horses crashed into a hurdle and then one horse was killed after finishing last in a race. In the eyes of the racing industry if you can’t make them money, then you have no value.  Every 1000 horses bred for racing only 300 of those horse will see the track, the rest will be sold or killed. Any form of jumps racing is labeled as animal cruelty.

Jumps racing has proven to be deadly for horses and dangerous for jockeys. Horses who start in a jumps race are nearly 19 time more likely to die compared to horses racing in a flat race and when they start competing in jumps races, the horses are often toward the end of their careers and may have pre-existing bone, tendon and muscle weaknesses and with most of the jumps racing horse that are retired flat racing horses, which means they weren't bred or trained to jump.  South Australian jumps races can cover nearly 5 kilometres, with horse and jockey required to clear more than a dozen jumps. With the horses required to clear obstacles which are at least a meter high, in a pack, at speed, and over long distances but even with modifications to jumps and efforts to make racing safer, horses have continued to die.

RSPCA are publicly opposed (against) to jumps racing and want to see the sport disappear from the tracks forever. The risk of horses suffering serious injuries or death as a result of participating in these events makes jumps racing unacceptable. A 2009 RSPCA survey into community views on jumps racing and the racing industry found only 14% of people who attend jumps races support jumps racing, during that survey RSPCA were also told that “Jumps racing is cool, horses need to be pushed to get a good performance out of them and if they get hurt that’s just apart of the sport” RSPCA were astounded when they heard this comment. RSPCA says jumps racing are killing fields. For majority of the horses in jumps racing there is no retirement plan apart from ending up in the slaughter house. A horse with 105 total racing starts, 8 jumps wins, his total racing career winnings exceed $620,000. And yet at 12 years old it wasn’t enough to assure him a retirement, and now he’s dead.

 Jumps Racing is known as a second chance for failed flat racing horses. Jumps racing supporters say the sport provides horses too old or unsuccessful to continue to compete in jumps races with a second chance. I believe all flat racing that all horse deserve a second chance in a home where they are treated with respect and are loved, instead of on the killing fields in Victoria and south Australia. Jumps Racing Australia want to preserve jumps racing and its rich history for future generations of Australian. 

In Conclusion, Jumps Racing is a sport that has to be stopped and if it’s not stopped more and more horses will continue to die. Jumps Racing is also know as one the world most deadliest sports. By 2033 there will be an average of 292 horse dying on the tracks if this sport is not stopped.

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