Carteret Co Commissioners: Pass a Resolution Against Offshore Oil & Seismic Testing

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Please sign this petition asking the Carteret County Commissioners to listen to the will of the citizens of Carteret County and pass a resolution like the one below:



WHEREAS, the Carteret County Board of Commissioners recognizes the appreciation of our natural coastal and historical habitat, as well as commercial and recreational fishing are critical economic and quality of life drivers for Carteret County; and

WHEREAS, the Carteret County Board of Commissioners acknowledges that tourism is the economic backbone of Carteret County and offshore drilling activities and the potential for oil spills on our coastline pose a significant threat to our thriving tourism and Carteret County tax base; and

WHEREAS, the Carteret County Board of Commissioners affirms that Carteret County endeavors to be a good steward of our coastal environment and its resources; and

WHEREAS, the Carteret County Board of Commissioners advocates residential, business and commercial development that is totally and fully compatible with our water-based economy to the benefit of international tourism and maritime interests along the Crystal Coast; and

WHEREAS, the economic sustainability of Carteret County is directly dependent on the healthy, natural beauty of  our Crystal Coast beaches,  a thriving marine environment that provides sanctuary and nesting/breeding grounds for diverse groups of wildlife having ecological value, and sustains prime commercial/recreational fisheries; and

WHEREAS, there is no evidence that offshore drilling and testing will generate significant benefits to Carteret County or to the surrounding regions, nor has it been proven that this activity can be done safely without risking irrevocable harm to the environment and all forms of marine life, the North Carolina coastline, our property, our businesses, our livelihood, or our quality of life; and

WHEREAS, the reliance on oil and gas in everyday lives and our national security  is waning even as  production today surpasses previous records and alternative, renewable energy sources gain economic traction providing infinite, stable, ‘ fixed’ zero cost options; and

WHEREAS, it is vital that local and state officials throughout North Carolina and its neighboring states take a unified stand in opposition to off shore drilling and testing, as a mishap in one jurisdiction could negatively impact the coastal environment and economy of both local and adjacent areas.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Carteret County Board of Commissioners expresses its opposition to offshore drilling including exploratory drilling and seismic testing and urges North Carolina, our neighboring states, and all federal agencies to take no action that would put our coastline at risk.  Adopted, this day of _________, 2018.


Mark Mansfield                                                Rachel Hammer

Chairman                                                         Clerk to the Board of Commissioners

Citizens Protecting The Atlantic Coast