We want macdonalds to create a new meal, called the fortnite burger.

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Greetings, change.org. We are the people of r/okbuddyretard, and we want mcdonalds to create a new composite hamburger/meal called the fortnite burger. The combo will contain 1 fortnite burger and a pack of 400 vbucks.

Why we want the fortnite burger?

Because it can be a new way of fast and cheap nutrition, providing the right quantity of calories, proteins and many other nutrients that can't be found in other hamburgers.

Why is it so important?

For the following reasons:

  1. It is epic.

We'd also like to say that the fortnite combo will contain 400 in-game Vbucks, and also containing a specific package and a discount for the product.

With best regards,

The people of r/okbuddyretard.