Update helmet laws in India to make DOT/ECE/Snell helmets legal

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The background:

In order to cut down on deaths caused by not wearing a quality helmet, the traffic police of Bangalore city have instructed all bike users that it is mandatory to wear an ISI certified helmet while riding. This is a good move that will save thousands of lives annually.

Apart from ISI helmets, there are helmets that conform to much stricter international standards, namely DOT/ECE/SHARP/Snell, and these helmets are universally acknowledged as being more safe than ISI certification alone. These helmets are also generally more expensive; where the most expensive ISI-only helmets cost between INR 500-3,000, foreign-standard helmets can cost anywhere from INR 4,000-50,000. Over the last six years, increased awareness and spending power has led to a large increase in the number of these high-end helmets in India - a sign that more people take their safety seriously when riding. 

The problem:

Despite these facts, the Add'l CP (Traffic) of Bangalore City, Shri. R Hithendra, has declared that from Feb 1 2018, Bangalore Traffic Police will start penalising riders wearing non-ISI helmets (even if these helmets conform to a global standard). This effectively means that if you have spent, say, INR 10,000 on an imported helmet, it will not be legal to use it in Bangalore from Feb 1.

Who is affected by this?

Everyone who wishes to avoid head injury while riding a bike is affected by this.


As several tests have shown, ISI helmets are simply no match for foreign helmets when it comes to safety and protection. When riders who wear premium helmets are forced by law to wear low-end helmets that cannot protect their heads, in effect, the police are forcing these riders to compromise on safety in the name of claiming to increase it.

The helmet law was framed to reduce the risk of head injury while riding. Treating only ISI helmets as legal but foreign helmets illegal simply defeats the purpose of this law.

What is this a petition for?

This is to request the respected Shri. R Hithendra to inform traffic police personnel to consider foreign (DOT/ECE/SHARP/Snell) certified helmets legal.

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