Get Quinnipiac President Judy Olian Fired

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Judy Olian, who is currently serving as the 9th president of Quinnipiac University has a reputation from her past job as dean for the Anderson School of Management at UCLA as a lavish and extravagant spender. An article from the Daily Bruin states "An $842.49 limousine ride in 2008 between Los Angeles and San Diego for Dean Judy Olian to attend a donor’s 80th birthday. The university spent $233.82 on a pair of engraved cufflinks as an “appreciation gift” to the donor." ; "$12,083.60 in travel expenses for a weeklong trip by Olian with numerous stops in Asia and Washington, D.C. The reason listed for the expenses was “donor relations.”. Those are just some examples. Now on February 19th, 2019, articles were released announcing that Judy will be redoing the Quinnipiac president's residence for nearly $1 Million. That is money taken from the pockets of students, that could be used to improve the University's dorms, classrooms, dining program, shuttles and among many other things. We the students here at Quinnipiac University are not your piggy bank Judy, we are young adults working hard for an education. Give us our money back. 

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