Quicker cancer diagnosis via blood tests

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New law:

When someone has a blood test, no matter what the blood test is regarding, medics must always check for signs of cancer, as 1 in 2 people in the U.K. are diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime.

Bare in mind that figure suggests only 1 in 2 people that get DIAGNOSED, rather than 1 in 2 that have it but have not been diagnosed!

So it should be a priority that when a blood test is administered and the results have come back from the lab to automatically check for signs of cancer - calcium levels, complete blood count, etc.

And if there are any concerning factors, these should be followed up with an immediate scan to detect any possible cancer.

If a person has blood tests often, it should be mandatory to check for 
cancer once every 2 month period, rather than with every single blood test - for relieving pressure off the medical profession.

Doing this so:

- Higher chance of surviving cancer by earlier diagnosis/prolonged life.

- Reduce family grievance where their close one with cancer cannot be cured.

- Families like mine do not have to go through it, as my grandmother had blood test results come back 'fine' and a month later, due to a fall, got diagnosed with cancer with no possibility of curing it.



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