Raising Awareness on Netiquettes

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Disclaimer: This petition is a part of our ICT requirement only.


Nowadays, majority of the population have the access to the internet and uses it daily, especially for Social Medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and many more. The internet has become handy, where you can search for different kinds of information, communicate to other people, and share your insights and experiences in life. It gives the people the freedom to do whatever we want, but because of these freedom we all tend to forget about netiquette (short for internet etiquette) or the rules about the proper and polite way to communicate with other people when we are using the internet. We would like to educate and promote the citizens on the proper netiquettes. With this, we can lessen the number of people who are using the internet improperly, such as bashing, cursing, disrespecting, abusing, and invading the privacy of other people. It can also help in decreasing the number of victims for cyber bullying.

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