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The goal of this program is to create effective media through which the integrity of Quezon City Science High School is properly endorsed, and order can be efficiently maintained. In doing so, we hope to achieve a Scientian community that is governed by a systematized flow of information, in which students recognize the opportunities and responsibilities endowed upon them by the institution. Quezon City Science High School is the regional science high school for NCR, yet the school lacks many information media both inside and outside of the campus. Many institutions provide a student handbook detailing the requirements, expectations, and amenities of the students during their time at the school, along with the school’s basic information, rules, and regulations. Due to a lack of handbooks being produced at QCSHS, or any other similar concrete material, many of the regulations suffer from inconsistency, in that many rules are implemented to varying degrees of strictness or rely on word of mouth to become known. Such a system of information is not suitable for a regional science high school, thus a handbook would be beneficial for order within the school community should it contain the following: the school’s basic information (history, mission, vision, administration), the academic expectations (i.e. grading system, maintaining grade, etc.) and behavioural expectations (rules, regulations, sanctions, disciplinary system, etc.) of the students, along with several auxiliary features for the benefit of teachers, students, and parents. Additionally, an official website detailing the requirements to enrol and maintain a stay at QCSHS, among other things, would be beneficial for disseminating information beyond school grounds and make the entrance process much smoother.

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