getting more bus stops for pimpama

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for years pimpama locals have been fighting for bus stops along yawalpah road witch is a 4km road we only have one stop at the top of yawalpah road so for young kids it is hard and for disabled we would like to turn this local route in to a hail and ride till we get our bus stops up and in place we would also like to get rules and laws changed for developers so any new areas must have a bus service with bus stops or if is not doable the run must be turned in to a hail and ride automatically TransLink doesn't care about the northern end of the gold coast so please sign this and help me help you and your kids get around safely we as a  community have been fighting this for over 2 years and nothing has been done still having a hail and ride is free it costs  no money what so ever all it means is that surfside drivers are covered if they get hit when pulling out from the side of the roadit also means that you the customer of translink can report being left behind drivers do stop at whoolies and the Mcdonalds but thats only if they want to or are able to get the bus to pull up at the whoolies

what is a hail and ride and why do we need it  

Hail ‘n’ ride enables you to get on and off the bus
between the regular scheduled bus stops, as long as
it’s safe for the driver to stop.
To board the bus along the hail ‘n’ ride section of the
the Route, please signal to the driver clearly by placing
your hand out as the bus approaches.
If you want to get off the bus at a scheduled stop, ring
the bell before the stop and exit by the nearest door.
If you want to get off the bus along the hail ‘n’ ride
section, please move to the front of the bus and tell
the driver where you want to get off, then exit by the
front door.