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Urgent Fight to FREE Mr Wallace from jail to die with Dignity at home with family.

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Mr Marshall Wallace a 48 year old INDIGENOUS man who suffers a terminal illness, was convicted of a series of driving offences. Originally Mr Wallace is from a remote outstation in Northern Territory, who moved to Mount Isa for chemotherapy treatment. Mr Wallace failed to gain a drivers licence. He had been convicted several times before. Mr Wallace was too weak to walk so used the vehicle to see about getting public housing. After being arrested Mr Wallace obtained a letter from his doctors from the Mount Isa oncology unit to give to the court. The letter requested Mr Wallace's immediate release and the acquittal of his sentence. Mr Wallace has been receiving palliative chemotherapy and has a short life expectancy, six to nine months at best. Also deemed unfit for custody and at risk of severe life- threatening infections. Mr Shane Duffy who is the Chief executive from Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (ATSILS) said the sentence, with a five-month non-parole, was within the range available to the court under Queensland law. But said Mr Wallace's case was typical of many, in which sick Indigenous people are sent to prison for minor offences. After a series of questions posed by the ABC over three days, the Queensland Justice Department said Wallace would be transferred and incarcerated in the prison ward of the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. It is grim news for Ms Wallace who said her family would not be able to afford to stay in Brisbane to be near him.

"He'll be on his own with no-one to visit him. I feel he has only a few months to live, and he can't make it to five months, and I'm very sad," she said. The Indigenous legal service said it was now planning to make an application for exceptional circumstances parole. The Queensland Corrective Services Department said such an application could be considered. "In certain circumstances the act does provide for prisoners to apply for exceptional circumstances parole," the department said.

"Any decision to release a prisoner to compassionate parole is made by the independent parole board." Ms Wallace said she could not bear to wait until the parole board sat.

Yet a CONVICTED PAEDOPHILE, Peter Andrews from the Gold Coast who was CONVICTED for SEXUALLY ABUSING a nine-year-old girl has been given a suspended sentence because he has terminal cancer. Mr Andrews can now live back in the home in which he abuse the nine-year-old-girl. He trapped the young girl using video games and a puppy to lure her in. Then to add insult to the victim and her family Mr Andrews' wife called the nine-year-old a "slut" and blamed her grandparents for the situation. How can the Queensland State Government allow a CHILD RAPIST TO WALK AROUND FREE, yet Mr WALLACE who has NOT RAPED ANY CHILD has to serve his jail time.

How is this fair? Mr WALLACE should be given the same right as Mr Andrews, to be able to die at home with his Family with Dignity.

Please help us to free Mr Wallace Immediately by signing the petition.

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