help us bring back a roadside memorial for our son that was taken away from us.

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Toady As we drove to deliver flowers to our sons roadside memorial cross along Noosa Cooroy Road for what would have been his 35th Birthday, we were not expecting the phone call that would soon notify us that our place, the place where we felt closer to our son, brother, friend had simply been removed with no warning.

First thing as we arrive today tears, tears of emptiness, what once was a place we could go to remember our boy, a place to feel closer to him on all those special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, christmases and more. The days that used to mean only joy and celebration but are now the toughest of days was made
that little bit easier by simply driving and visiting his place of rest,, the place he had taken his last breath, and the place we had created for our Jayden which has now simple been removed just like that -with no care in the world. All that lays there now is the bunch of yellow flowers we wished to place there for his birthday.

Obviously the people requesting this to be removed clearly have not shared our experience and lucky them. For us this cross ment/means more to us then anyone could ever imagine it was also our way to encourage drivers to drive safe, (roadside signs we feel are more distracting then a cross ) because for our son he was simply on the road at the wrong time, a 23 year old boy travelling on his way to a footballer game a sport in which he loved, when a car travelling on the other side of the road was pushed into the vehicle he was a passenger in killing him on impact.

For those people opposed you were left to look at a cross but for us we are left behind with a life sentence of grief.

Our hearts are simply breaking not only has this all been taken away from us but we are not even allowed to now place a memorial at the site of the accident our son was taken. Not even a rock with a plague.

We are devastated ! Absolutely Broken and want nothing more then to have our memorial brought back or a new one replaced for our son. 

— feeling sad.