Queensland Health.

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I am the MOTHER of QUINTON EVAN DONAHUE, who  was murdered on the 17 th of April, 2016, in Townsville, Queensland. Australia. 

I have written to Queensland Health in 2016, in regards to Carrie Rofe comment on social media. My son was Cremated against my wishes, I went to The Supreme Court in Brisbane, Queensland. Australia, to have my son buried. The Courts decision was given to my son's friend lawyer, because she had put 2 forged Documents across as Evidence that my son wanted to be Cremated. In my Tradition and Culture we never knew about Cremation, I wanted my son to be buried with his Grandmother in my home town. For 2 years I have been paying Tribute to my son at the address my son was murdered (he died on the footpath). In all fairness to myself and my family this woman should not be in the work place, working with Aboriginal people she does not have any contact with. 

Norma Donahue.