Queensland Fauna Lobbyists - Protecting Our Captive Fauna

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The Department of Environment and Science in the Regulatory Impact Statement has proposed changes that will affect everyone who has a licence to hold protected animals under the Nature Conservation Act 1992.

This petition is to urge the Department of Environment and Science to take into consideration the state of the hobby with regards to captive fauna. The Queensland Fauna Lobbyists will present details to the Department of Environment and Science on how the hobby actually operates and how the proposed changes will have wide reaching ramifications and remove the Department's reliance on assumptions.

We urge the Department of Environment and Science to use the information provided by the Queensland Fauna Lobbyists to change the current proposal to categorize fauna keepers according to the appropriate licence categories such that, for example, pet keepers, hobbyists, demonstrators and retail outlets are able to operate within their own models under the new licencing system.

The changes we would like to see include, but are not limited to:-

  • Higher capped limits of fauna held
  • Removal of the restrictions for breeding on certain licences
  • The ability to keep native, legally sourced mammals
  • The separation of private keepers and retail outlets within the licencing system
  • The removal of the prohibited list
  • The rescindment of the current Venomous Snake Policy and the draft of a new proposal with consultation with the Queensland Fauna Lobbyists

Every current licence holder will be affected by the proposed changes, so we urge you to sign the petition and voice your disapproval.