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Philadelphia Residents Fight for Parking

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WITHOUT NOTICE,   the city of Philadelphia changed a sign on the southwest corner of 2nd and Monroe on 2nd St., some time during the second week of March. None of us noticed because the new sign banning parking was the same size and in the same place as the original with only the arrow changed to a double instead of one sided arrow. Many of us have since only learned of this after receiving a surprise $41 ticket.  REALLY?? We all know how hard it is to park our cars in our own neighborhood. We have committed to memory every P.P.A. approved  parking spot because we've parked in every one. Most of us have received parking tickets by the P.P.A. (or police from 10 pm to 8 am) for parking inches out of a spot after driving for an hour or more to find a legal spot. We have paid those tickets without ( and some, begrudgingly with) a fight.  BUT THIS ONE DESERVES A FIGHT!

We should not have to pay those $41 tickets when we were not aware that the sign had been changed. We are asking the city of brotherly love to show us some love and forgive those tickets given to residents and more importantly to GIVE US BACK OUR PARKING SPACE! There is no good reason to have taken it from us. Could it be that the City of Philadelphia made a mistake when they replaced the faded sign with one arrow to a sign with a double arrow?  We can all attest to the fact that the sign replaced had a one sided arrow facing South allowing us residents to park there for years.

Please sign the petition if you agree that the City of Philadelphia should give us back one of our few parking spaces and refund the tickets so unfairly given out to residents who had no idea that they were parking in a newly illegal parking spot.

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